Nicknames: Zac
Age: 27 turns
Birthdate: M13D4 171
Sex: Male
Impressed: None
Rank: Journeyman Healer
Location: Barrier Weyr
Play-By: Jesse Williams


- Dark, short shaven hair
- Rarely is clean shaven

- Uniquely colored eyes, with green-gray coloring, with a dark green ring around the outside

- High cheek bones
- A longish, round nose
- Full lower lip, with a heart shaped upper lip

- Broad shoulders
- Thin waist
- Athletic
- Dark skin that seems to be made for the South, despite his Nothern heritage

- Wears simple clothes, made of hardy materials
- Has a sturdy pair of wherhide boots that he will let no one else touch, with the exception of Hanna, who often likes to sleep on them
- Strong, steady hands that holds great finesse, which is useful for his line of work


He cares deeply for those around them and has great respect for human life. He would do anything for a friend and his compassion for others makes him and excellent healer. Zaccai is extremely loyal, and would kill for those close to him. He used to dream of becoming a rider and having his own dragon. However, losing Darat made him bitter towards dragons and the frailty they offer. This sour feeling made him refuse to Stand as a candidate any longer and take up the mantle of a healer. When it came to his specialization, he did what many thought he wouldn't do: he became a dragonhealer. He poured his bitterness into Darat's memory, learning how to treat the worst of dragon wounds. He lost many patients but saved many more. He has a small leather bound ledger that he records the name of every dragon and rider he cannot save.

Determination is one thing Zaccai does not lack. When he left Ruatha to become a candidate his mother never wished to see him again at Ruatha out of bitterness, and Zaccai promised that she never would. And he as never broken that promise, staying at the Weyrs despite his loss. He pushed through apprenticehood and grueling treatments, earning every strand of his journeyman knots. He can take control of a situation, leading those around him, and is quite charismatic. It is true he is a looker and has had many ladies fawn over him, as well as many one night stands with Weyrfolk. But he cannot commit to a person who rides a dragon, for fear of losing someone he loves.

Zaccai possesses great capabilities to calm people, useful in his line of work, and he is often a grounding rock in the chaos of emergency situations. He is secretly good with children, and they love Hanna, but it is rare for him to soften up around people. Most often he is a serious, hard working man buried in his thoughts and patients. Once out of his shell, however, he is often quite funny and has a good sense of humor.

His feelings for dragons are mixed. On one hand, they are nessecary for Pern to survive. On the other, human life is lost so easily if the great beasts die, causing much pain for those around them. Zaccai has no wish for a dragon, like he did as a child, and tends to stay away from them as much as possible, despite living in a Weyr and working with them daily. He rarely, if ever, will talk to a dragon and tries to deal entirely with the rider. Because it is them who he does his work for, for the young men and women that are willing to risk their lives for their homes and people.


Mother: Caila of Ruatha Hold
Father: Ivan of Ruatha Hold


- Born at Ruatha Hold. He was never close with his mother and his father died when he was a young boy.
- Was a dragon candidate at eleven, with his best friend from Ruatha, Darat. His mother never forgave him for leaving, telling him to never return.
- Both stood at one of Wessith's clutches. Darat Impressed a brown, Rith, hatchling early in the hatching, but he was mauled accidently by a clumsy bronze. His wings and fore legs were mutilated beyond recognition. The healers tried their best but they were unable to stitch all of the pieces back together. The brown bled out and had to be taken between by an older dragon. Darat was heartbroken and went with his unfortunate beast.
- Zaccai lost all will to become a dragonrider, thinking them crazy to put so much of themselves into something that could die so easily. He respects the dragons, but has a love-hate relationship with them.
- Zaccai refused to Stand again, but requested to begin training as a dragonhealer, as he had seen how the healers on the sands had been unable to save Rith. He was accepted and threw himself into the training, trying to save what dragons he could.
- He was promoted to Journeyman after improving the stiching method for dragons, particularly on their internal organs. They move more and he developed a stronger stitch to use on their internal organs and muscles, allowing for better healing results and greater mobility afterwards.
- He travelled from Fort to Ista, stopping in at the other Weyrs on the way. When he arrived at Ista, he found a small pup on the side of the road, a large gash in her side. He adopted her and healed her up, expecting to leave her at the Weyr as pest control, as she seemed to have a knack for hunting down the foul things that infect a Weyr. But she seemed to adopt him and he named her Hanna.
- He continues his work at Ista, enjoying the heat. It is this that drove Zaccai South, to the new Barrier Weyr. They were warm, not far from the beach, with plenty of critters for Hanna to hunt down. And who knows? With a new Weyr comes new afflictions.


Red colored with white paws and a white spot on her tail and forehead. She is about five turns old, although Zaccai tends to lose track of her age. She has had one litter of puppies at Ista. She is a playful creature, although timid around everyone but Zaccai and children. She has little fear of dragons, having grown up around them, but tends to stay out of their way simply due to their size. She spends most of her time with Zaccai and can be seen lounging around the infirmary, although she does go hunting quite often.


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