Weyrling Guide

After Impression

The Weyrlingmaster will greet each new pair, teaching the weyrling how to feed their dragonet. As the Hatching continues, they will monitor each new pair, pointing out signs of satiety, and passing on the method of denying an overly-greedy dragonet.

Once all the dragonets are fed, the Weyrlings are taken to the Weyrling Barracks, and the pairs will go through the new process of bathing, oiling and bedding down the drowsy hatchlings .

Once all the infant dragons are safely asleep, the new Weyrlings may join the festivities of the Hatching Feast, for a few candlemarks. "Lights out" comes early for them, however, as dragonets wake with the dawn. Besides, most are made groggy by both the empathic link with their sleeping soulmates, and by the sheer emotional drain of the day. There are few protesters, when the Weyrlingmaster declares it time for a return to the Barracks and bed.

Those who do not Impress are comforted by Assistant Weyrlingmasters, and are given the option of returning to their former lives, or of staying at the Weyr for the next clutch and another chance.

A reminder for new Weyrlings who are leaving behind relationships- no intimate contact is allowed for the first ten months, unless otherwise given permission by the WLM. After six months Weyrlings are generally allowed to move into their own weyrs. They aren't allowed any weyrmates - non-sexual or otherwise - unless given permission by the WLM. Generally Weyrlings are advised not to take in any weyrmates until they finish Weyrlinghood, however after the twelfth month or so it's more acceptable.
Rough Layout of the Weyrling Barracks

Weyrling Barracks

The Weyrling Barracks are huge - as they could be housing around 100 weyrlings at a time theoretically. This would include doubling Weyrlings up, as the individual rooms were meant to be. If they are full and another clutch is hatched, there are two route that can be taken. The prefered route is to double up the new Weyrlings with older Weyrlings, or let the oldest class move into their own weyrs half a month early. It would be up to the Weyrlingmaster and Weyrleaders, but generally there should be enough room for three classes of weyrlings at a time.

The Barracks are built into one big cavern that was one of the main draws to the location for Barrier. Even the rooms, whose walls are stone on the bottom and wood on top, effectively looking like little cottages, are roofless. This allows everyone to hear everything, and thus effectively detering any banned activities.

Each weyrling has a wooden cot as well as their wooden chest they brought with them from their time as a candidate. It is a gift from the Weyr, and the first groups of candidates will all recieve new chests. They also have a shelf above their bed and a dragons stone couch near the doorway.


Weyrling Training

Day One:
Dawn brings the first of many unwelcome wake-up calls. The Weyrlings are given their first lessons in butchering carcasses for the needs of an infant dragon. Just as all riders must know how to create their own riding straps from a tanned hide, all Weyrlings need to know how to cut food for their own dragons.

As the dragonets breakfast, the Weyrlingmaster, and the Master Dragonhealer check over the younglings. After the meat is consumed and all the dragonets are vetted, the pairs are led through bathing, oiling, and if necessary, mucking out, for their soulmates.

Only then are the human halfs of the pairs allowed to bathe and breakfast. A short period after breakfast is devoted to making cots and cleaning the Barracks. After that, the first of an 18 month period of lectures and hands-on lessons begins.

Typical Daily Schedule:
Dawn: 6th to 7th hour

Wake, feed, bathe, oil dragonet

7th to 8th hour:
Bathe, breakfast

Candlemark after breakfast:
Care for human/dragonet bedding, clean quarters

9th to 12th hour:

12th to 13th hour:
Midday meal

13th to 18th hour:

18th to 20th hour:
Feed, bathe, and oil dragonets

20th to 22nd hour
Evening meal, study, relaxation

22nd hour:
Lights out

  • Breaks are taken during lesson times. More frequently for the younger Weyrlings, who are allowed "recess."

Weyrling Growth Chart


Weyrling Lesson Plan

Hatching to One Month

  • Care and feeding of dragonets
  • Oiling, and the diagnosis and treatment of common hide problems
  • The empathic bond— utilization, effects on both lifemates, cautions, and advantages
  • Draconic anatomy.
  • Basic Draconic first aid, including the treatment of digestive and elimination problems.
  • Weyr etiquette and customs
  • Duties of Riders
  • Pernese history and basic politics
  • Recognition of rank knots and badges

Suggestion for IC play:- Concerns about young dragon. Washing, oiling troublesome dragonet.Threads that emphasis the strength and needs of the young dragon. Please note, interaction with the general Weyr will be limited. The newly Impressed pair will be required to stay within visual range of each other at the outside at all times for at least this month. Possible IC material in over-eating or preventing over eating. Many of the lectures will involve people coming to them and food will be brought to them rather than them leaving their life mate for the first couple of sevendays. Bear this in mind when RP-ing.

Month Two

  • First involvement with Threadfall assisting healers (to get them used to possible draconic reaction to scores etc.)
  • First Basic Ground Drills
  • Politics, history, geography and weather patterns of Barrier's territories
  • Initial Firestone training - How to select, size, bag firestone tailored to a dragons capabilities
  • Action in Fall -maintaining firestone supplies for the Dragon wings.
  • Frequent testing of knowledge through tests, written, oral and practical

Suggestion for IC play :- During a Fall - with Healers - as ground crew. Lessons as designated by the AWLM. Possible tests on dragon knowledge. Revising this knowledge for an exam in a study group. Heavy emphasis on the dragon and rider pairing still. The dragonets will be clumsy but there will be trips to the Lake for washing etc.

Third Month

  • Continuing education regarding politics, history, geography and weather patterns of associated Southern territories.
  • Working with the Dragon-Rider bond. Trust exercises. Blindfold - utilisation of each others eyes.
  • Continued ground drills with more complex formations and development of understanding of a three dimensional flight
  • Swimming lessons for the dragonets to begin strengthening of wing muscles early
  • Communication in Fall. Mental Protocols, physical fall backs.
  • Firestone pick up from dragonback (on ground but practicing the ability so Fall riders do not have to land to "refuel")
  • Frequent testing of knowledge through tests, written, oral and practical

Suggestion for IC play:- Swimming is popular. The AWLM may well come up with different "trust" exercises but the blindfold one is a good one to RP. Possible Fall experience. Hand signals etc

Fourth Month

  • Politics, history, geography and weather patterns of other Weyrs
  • Fitted for flight jackets and gloves
  • Introduction to leathercraft to create personalized riding straps and harness
  • Continued Dragon-Rider bond exercises
  • Ground drills continue and increase in time spent and complexity
  • Continued Swimming
  • Frequent practical testing across all topics
  • Review meeting with the Weyrlingmaster/Assistant Weyrlingmaster on progress
  • Dragons begin hunting and gliding

Suggestion for IC play:- Swimming is an activity not available in a lot of Weyrs so we make the most of it! If relevant you may RP your interview. First gliding and hunting experiences!

Fifth Month

  • Continued exploration of social structures and Weyr territories.
  • Required that first set of personal riding straps and harness completed to appropriate standards
  • Detailed Threadfall notation and theory of charts. Reading and Interpretation
  • Lectures on threadfall - different composition, and pattern
  • Dragonrider Etiquette and public behavior - lectures by Junior Weyrwomen?
  • Complex Ground drills and starts of Wing work
  • Continued Dragon-rider bond work, reaching out to include other riders
  • Problem solving - individual and group work.
  • Frequent testing.
  • First flights - just a short glide, then farther every day!

IC:- Problem solving task may be assigned by your WLMA. The connecting with other Riders in a wing is a good one to RP as it helps links between writers as well. Of course… First time off the ground riding your dragon!

Sixth Month

  • Continued exploration of social structures and Weyr territories.
  • Strengthening of wing muscles resulting in flight within the Weyr
  • Maintenance of harness, straps and threadfighting equipment if relevant.
  • Advance interpretation and creation of Threadfall Charts
  • Begin working on recognition points and principles of visualisation.
  • Ground drills - flight sequences run internally by nominated Weyrlings for that session (assessing leadership potential)
  • Individual and group problem solving
  • Self defense training introduction. Rules of Honour Duels and associated responsibilities.
  • Assigned personal Weyr by the Headwoman and Weyrwoman.

IC:- Selecting a Weyr and moving in. A Weyrling run ground drill. A Self defense class. Possible problem solving exercise.

Seventh Month

  • Continued exploration of social structures and Weyr territories.
  • Able to draw up, interpret and translate a Thread Fall chart into practicalities
  • Draconic First Aid - Emphasis on Fall related injuries and general condition (especially overflying) - lectures from dragonhealers
  • Flying straight errands within close Weyr territory begin
  • More complex activities with the Dragon-Rider bond
  • Dragonrider Ethics - Introduction - Problem solving in this regard
  • Self defense training begins. Introduction to blade worked
  • Complex ground drills with a minimum of external commands
  • Continual testing as appropriate

IC:- Errands provide more scope for individual expression of flight (hence the lectures on strains). Self defense classes. Similar to previous months

Eighth Month

  • Reviews of political, social and Weyr territories - including assessments.
  • Review maintenance of Threadfighting equipment and riding straps - assessments
  • Beginning first aid for humans - emphasis on Fall injuries and Thread scores by Weyr Healers.
  • Ground drills, but lessened as many subjects being assessed in this month.
  • Flights around the Weyr to strengthen dragon and human muscles. More frequent errands.
  • Hand to Hand combat, wrestling and more complex blade work.
  • Review exams covering all areas.
  • Following the exams an interview with the Weyrlingmaster on progress to date.

IC:- Exam anxiety. Interview with WM or WLMA. Potential for RP similar to previous months.

Ninth Month

  • Continued exploration of social structures and Weyr territories.
  • Flight exercises increased . Flying styles differentiated. Sprint and stamina flights worked on
  • Ground drills continued but lessen in proportion to flying and concentrate on translating ground sequences to the air
  • Advanced Dragon-Rider bond work.
  • Problem Solving, practical, theoretical and ethical
  • Self defense training, sparring in pairs.
  • Continued co-ordinate work, with maps and review of Threadfall charts

IC:-similar options to before. Possibly discovering their dragons strengths and weaknesses in flight and in the wing.

Tenth Month

  • Comprehensive exams on Pern-wide politics, history, geography and weather patterns.
  • First training Wing flights outside the Weyr
  • Learn to hunt with their dragons
  • Advanced Self defense techniques
  • Begin drills on recognition points around the Weyr
  • First jumps between one on one with the Weyrlingmaster and Assistants

IC:- Jumping between is probably the big one to RP here and hunting with ones dragon. Potential loss of fellow Weyrlings

Eleventh Month

  • Formation flying drills begin. Ground drills rarely used unless working through a new formation
  • Learn the firestone refueling in air technique
  • Advanced Dragon-Rider bond exercises - in Flight and Wing context
  • Problem Solving at all levels
  • Self defense training continues
  • Assigned Holds to fly to and return between to the Weyr

IC:- Again, between is a good one. The Firestone In-flight refuelings good for comedy as well as any of the standard RP possibilities.

Twelfth Month

  • Formation flying drills continue and become more complex
  • Dragons learn to chew firestone
  • Flame first aid, then control and flame variation
  • Flaming whilst in flight and in wing formation
  • Continue training on between
  • Principles of Sweep Riding - shadowing Sweepriders
  • Personal interview with the Weyrlingmaster or WLMA on progress to date

IC:- Firestone. Feeding the dragon firestone and the inevitable problems that occur as a result of inexperience. Too much, too little…no control etc. A sweep ride has potential to be interesting in the South. Interview RP if necessary.

Thirteenth and Fourteenth Months

  • Flying practice becoming more varied and longer sustained, gradually moving time aloft up to Fall length
  • Some drill practices take place with the exisitng Wings to integrate them and learn from their experience
  • Emergency rescue training - falling rope drills, bronze and queens learning how to catch an out of control dragon.
  • Hand to hand sparring extended to group co-operation
  • Flaming in Wing formation
  • Between training continues, beginning recognition point drills to other Weyrs, Halls and Holds
  • Greens begin to Rise for the first time

IC:- Emergency rescue drills have a lot of potential to RP. The opportunity to mix with existing riders also is a good RP area. Rising greens! The blues and some eager browns can give chase!

Fifteenth and Sixteenth Months

  • Continued Fighting Wing formation drills
  • Rescue maneuvers practice
  • Continue training on between, introducing skip betweening for fall and deep betweening for scores etc
  • Groups assigned Sweep duties
  • Fitted with Threadfighting gear
  • Conferences with Weyrlingmaster and Wingseconds begin, prefall preparation and strategies

IC:-Getting Fall gear would be a turning point for many, an introduction to a reality as a dragonrider. Group Sweep duities would also hold a good RP potential

Seventeenth and Eighteenth Months

  • Begin flying the trailing edge of Threadfall. Limited flaming of live Thread
  • Perform firestone refuelling directly to fighting Dragonrider
  • Continued inclusion in pre-Fall and post-Fall breifing and de-briefing
  • Final Assessments - to determine graduation based on results and WM and WMLA report to the Weyrleaders.

IC:- Ahh the anxiety of exams and first Threadfall..!

If the Weyrleaders permit the new dragonriders are assigned to a lower level and as they competence and experience increases they are moved to the higher first Fall contact wings. If they do not pass they are held in Weyrling classes until they are deemed ready and not a danger to other riders.

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