Usith X Bz Avaleroth M3d26 195

Clutch Overview

Gold Usith x Bronze Avaleroth
Hatched the 26th day of the 3rd month in turn 195 of the 10th interval
21 eggs clutched, 21 hatched, 2 metallic

Gold Cessimoth of Geneva
1 bronze
1 brown
6 blue
Green Hazalth of Estell
6 green

General Information

Home Weyr: Southern

Weyrlingmaster: J'sic of Blue Marith
Assitant Weyrlingmaster: S'ge of Brown Hulth

Training Status: Graduated
Transfer Status: Open


J'lor of Green Tith (illness) - 196
C'tor of Brown Yeterth (illness) - 196
Caaipoi of Blue Weopth (illness) - 195
Appite of Green Hessimorith (illness) - 196
R'tie of Blue Sulith (illness) - 196

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