Age: 11 turns
Hatchdate: D1M2 187
Color: Gold
Color Code: #6C541E
Length: 59 ft
Height: 11.5 ft
Rider: Ailoet
Location: Barrier Weyr
Home Weyr: Southern
Dam: Epsith
Sire: Sulth


A bronze gold with stark, crisp true gold markings. Her wings have dappling towards the trailing edge, while her legs have faint stripes. Large and bulky, Usith is built more likea male than a delicate female. She is by no means graceful and tromps into every situation, temper blazing and ready to be her loud, overwhelming self. Her neck is slightly shorter than what would be proportional but those who dare tell her that to her face should be prepared for a growly queen. She is known for lasting flights over fancy aerobatics.


Where her rider has a mild temper, Usith is like waiting for a bomb to go off. Where Ailoet will bottle it up and deal with it internally, everyone and their dog will know when Usith is angry or sad or bothered. She is vocal, she is large and she is loud. She has a distinctive voice, physically, and the Weyr is quick to learn her vocalizations. She is the thug to back up her rider's brains although she will rarely bespeak a human other than her rider. Even HAD's will get cool disdain if they attempt to contact her and for her to speak to anyone but Ailoet means either great repsect, great need or great anger. She is more likely to bugle and roar and growl, showing her emotions physically.

She is not a nurturing beast, despite being a gold. Usith is done with the Sands as soon as the last hatchling finds their rider, and is often critical of her young. They must fly better, faster and stronger than any other weyrlings on Pern, and she is a feared figure when she is looming over the weyrling classes. On more than one occassion she has to be told off by Ailoet, because the weyrlings are scared to do anything. But this drive for protection stems from the shared feeling with her rider that the Weyr is her family and she would rip apart anything who threatened them. If Ailoet would let her.

While not nessecarily proud, Usith is arrogent. She fully believes herself to be the best of the best, and above both firelizards and whers. The thought of having to communicate with either makes her claws curl, and Ailoet has to force her to speak to either. More often than not Usith will command another dragon to do it, so she does not have to do something so beneath her. She is a somewhat vain beast, and likes to look her best. She is the best and therefore she must look the best.

Her Flights are not as emotionally assaulting as other gold Flights, likely due to the fact that she is much more physical than mental. People are still affected, of course, but it is not the widespread frenzy that other golds may cause. They are long and grueling however, and only the strongest dragons with peak endurance have a chance of catching her. She does throw good clutches because of it, but it draws out the processes. She is not against drawing ichor from her chasers, but Faranth help them if they choose to raise a claw against another participant. She keeps her suitors in strict order during her Flights, sacraficing height and speed for the sake of order. After the Flight, however, she wants little to do with the flirtations of bronzes and browns. They tend to irk her more than anything and they should tread warily in pursuing Usith.


Clutched at Southern Weyr out of Epsith and Bronze Sulth. She was a tempermental gold from the beginning and it took the greater part of her weyrling training for Ailoet to learn how to handle her. She was a decent junior, although sometimes chaffed under Epsith's senior status. When gold Nemarith was hatched, Usith was sure to enforce her power over the younger gold. This caused some tension between the golds, although their two riders were polite to each other until the Senior for Barrier was chosen. In 195 she clutched her first gold daughter, Cessimoth, a gentle gold who did little to anger her mother despite taking precautions to stay out of her way. Usith encouraged her rider to apply as a transfer as Barriers Senior and was quite smug when they were chosen over Nemarith and Tamlin. Now she is as happy as a clam to be in charge of her own Weyr and she is eager to make sure the other dragons know who the real boss is.


Usith x Bz. Delmath - M3D13 197 - Southern Weyr
Usith x Bz. Avaleroth - M3D26 195 - Southern Weyr; Gold Cessimoth to Geneva

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