Tripoint Hold

Colors: Orange and Black
Tithes to: Barrier Weyr

Lord Holder: Lord Braxon
Lady Holder: None
Children: None Legitimate

He does like to get around, so he has many illegitimate children running around the Hold. He acknowledges none of them, although many have found their way into the Weyrs as candidates. Barrier will no doubt take a few as they begin their first Search.

Support Staff:


Tripoint Hold is built in a crescent shaped nook beneath Tripeak Mountain, west of both Barrier Weyr and Azael Hold on the eastern most edge of the Western Barrier range. The main hold is three storys built into the wall of the mountain, with natural caves enlarged to serve as rooms and storage. The outer facade of the building is made of wood from the southern forests, with the heavy wooden entrance set under an ornate arch, adorned with firelizards, dragons and whers.

The craftshall is located to the left of the main hold, where tanners and weavers turn the pelts of the animals into goods for the Hold to sell and trade. Their wool is some of the warmest on Pern, rivaling in that from High Reaches. Their tanning skills are often used by the dragonriders, as their wherhide is also quite decent. They also have the skills of Leparge, a dragonless master tanner who specializes in dragonriding gear and flying leathers.

Their animal pens and stables are kept at the outskirts of the hold, to the left of the crafthall. The Masterherder here is in charge of the building, and he takes his animals quite seriously. Theivery is not accepted and Tripint is notorious for searching out and punishing theives quickly and forcefully. The hold keep a small group of whers, generally to help guard the hold and herdanimals, which live across from the animal pens in their barracks, which are built right into the mountain.

In between the wher barracks and the main hold there is a two story building for the holders and crafters who work at the main hold.

The hold gets their water from a spring beneath the mountain, warmed from somewhere beneath the main hold. Carefully crafted pipes take water to the outbuildings.

There are quite a few cotholds who tithe to Tripoint, scattered accross the western barrier range and the western shores of the Aspra Ocean.

Founded in 180 of the 10th interval by a young and ambitious Lord Braxon, he helped build the Hold with his own hands. Despite his amourous and gruff ways, his people have come to respect him although many fathers try to keep their daughters out of his sight. Many of his people are pushing him to take a wife and procure a heir, considering he is getting no younger.

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