We measure time by the Pernese Calendar. Thus, there are thirteen months, each with twenty eight days. There is a day at the end of the turn called Turnover, which is a celebration to ring in the New Turn. A Pernese season averages about three months, although summer and winter are generally longer and spring and fall are generally shorter.

Southern Seasons
Summer: Months 1 - 4
Fall: Months 5 - 7
Winter: Months 8 - 11
Spring: Months 12 - 13

Northern Seasons
Winter: Months 1 - 4
Spring: Months 5 - 7
Summer: Months 8 - 11
Fall: Months 12 - 13

Turnover occurs between the end of the 13th month and the beginning of the 1st month. It is a day filled with both mourning and hope, as the morning is dedicated to remembering those who have been lost over the past Turn, while the evening is dedicated to welcoming in the new Turn.

There has traditionally been a large Gather at Azael Hold at the end of Fall, after the harvest has been brought in. It is a joyous occassion and there are races, gambling, trading and a grand feast.

Out of Character-wise, a Pernese season equals a month, give or take, although we will be able to fuzzy time if one season is going to look particularly busy or people vote to keep it longer.

The months do have names, although for simplicity sake we shall call them Month 1, Month 2, etc.

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