Fall Name: Syg
Nicknames: Syg
Age: 38 turns
Birthdate: M9D25 160
Sex: Female
Impressed: Brown Haleroth
Rank: Weyrlingmaster
Location: Barrier Weyr
Play-By: Sigourney Weaver


- 5'8"
- Reddish brown hair
- Brown Eyes
- Dresses in very plain clothing, but always primly
- Smaller frame but with wide hips suiting to childbirth
- Always wers black wherhide boots
- Keeps her hair short, it it quite curly naturally
- Starting to wrinkle
- Quite an angular face and body, pointy all over


Harsh, foul mouthed, rigid. Many know who Sygna is and nearly as many feel her wrath. She tolerates nothing, swears like a sailor and will yell at practically anything that moves. She is not an overly pleasant person and many wonder how she can hold any position of power. However, while her mannerisms are harsh and intolerant, she knows how to teach. Not one to coddle, she encourages by demanding the best from those around her, and then rewarding their best with a simple nod. Life doesn't praise the living day lights out of you, so why should she? Her temper could skin a wher and it is her steadfast Hal that keeps it from being unleashed on too many poor souls. She is not overly fond of children and prefers the company of those who would rather not sling mud at each other. She isn't against physical arguments either and despite her small size, she can hold her own due to her determination and unwillingness to give up.

How, many have and will ask, did this foul mouthed creature become Weyrlingmaster? Well, she creates weyrlings that know what they need to do and that the world may be a cruel and bitter place. And she secretly wants each weyrling to succeed, pushing those that need a kick in the pants and helping those that may be struggling. In her own way of course. Sygna will assign more suiting chores for a struggling weyrling pair and give the worst to those who disobey or taunt the others.

Relationship-wise Sygna has few, mostly because she refuses to respect anyone but those whoearn her trust. Even a Weyrwoman or Weyrleader will only get a curt address if she thinks they are idiotic wherries, and those of lower rank are even more likely to get the brunt of her anger. She engages in Flightsex frequently, as Haleroth favors chasing greens over golds, but relationships outside of that are few and far between. Her mate would have to deal with her sardonic attitude before they could get close to her, and even then her heart is guarded more than Benden's prize wine. Haleroth is her only love, and she would do anything for him. And fortunately he has a heart big enough for everyone Sygna refuses to love, including all of her weyrlings.


Mother: Ganina of Despoin Hold
Father: Suryn of Despoin Hold
Sister: Rynna of Despoin Hold
Sons: Journeyman Harper Nadrin of Benden Hold (18 turns), Apprentice Herder Sygorin of Keroon (17 turns)
Daugters: Weyr Cook Ganine of Igen (16 turns), Apprentice Healer Sygin of Igen Weyr (14 turns)


Turn 160: Sygna is born to two drudges at Despoin Hold.

Turn 178: Sygna is Searched from the minor Despoin Hold, where she was working as a herder. She Impresses Brown Haleroth the day before her eighteenth birthday.

Turn 180: Sygna becomes pregnant as Haleroth starts Flying greens early in the turn. She wants to take a short jump between but Haleroth refuses to take her. She relents and nine months later gives birth to a healthy boy. She names him Nadrin and immediately fosters him out to the head of the creche, a woman named Meril.

Turn 181: Once again due to Flightsex Sygna becomes pregnant and once again Haleroth refuses to take her between. Another boy is born and after naming him Sygorin, she gives him to the same foster mother as Nadrin.

Turn 182: The third turn in a row Sygna becomes pregnant, and due to the same circumstances she gives birth again, this time to a little girl she names Ganine. She sends her to the creche as well, caring little for children despite Haleroth's protests. After giving birth, Sygna seeks out methods of preventing pregnancies. The Master Healer prescribes a dosage of herbs, which seem to work.

Turn 184: Due to a particularly bad flu followed by a particularly lusty Flight, Sygna becomes pregnant once more. Her last child to be born is a little girl named Sygin. After this, Sygna is careful to bar herself from Flights if she has been unable to keep down her birth control.

Turn 190: Sygna applies for the position of Assistant Weyrlingmaster, as she was unsatisfied with the training Igen's weyrlings were receiving. She was promoted to the position and the pair thrived.

Turn 195: After the Weyrlinmaster steps down due to poor health, Sygna is promoted to Weyrlingmaster at Igen Weyr. She receives a firelizard egg as a gift. It hatches a fat blue that she names Git.

Turn 197: She shows interest in Barrier Weyr, sending in her credentials to Ailoet to apply as a potential Weyrlingmaster. To her joy, both Ailoet and the Weyrleader approve her and she prepares to move into the new Weyr.

Turn 198: Sygna and Haleroth transfer to Barrier, fully prepared for the new weyrlings that Usith and her Junior should bring the Weyr.


Blue Git
5 turns
Fat, happy and terribly annoying


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