1. Respect.
  2. Have fun.
  3. Create and suggest plots.
  4. Make characters. Try to post each once a month but Barrier needs to be fleshed out and has plenty of room!
  5. Smile :-)
  6. No explicit sexual acts. That's what porn is for. Thank you in advance for fading to black.
  7. Feel free to kill off your own characters. It adds flavour and they shall be remembered.
  8. Don't god mode or power play. It's not OK to kill off other people's characters without their permission.
  9. Ask before golds Rise. Feel free to have your greens Rise whenever. Spice it up and have it during an awkward moment!
  10. If you have questions ask. I only bite a little :-)
  11. Candidates are not guarenteed to Impress the first time they Stand. Candidates will get mauled, but only seriously with your permission. They also need five posts to Impress so we can have a feel for what hatchling would suit them.
  12. Firelizards must be played once a month or some new southern creature will come eat them. No joke. A firelizard eating rampage.
  13. If you want the Holds or Wherhold played, let me know. They will move along in the same time as we do so I'll have updates on them and points where they can come into play if players want.
  14. Each character no longer needs their own account on the forum. I think it makes it look prettier, but many disagree. So! You can if you like, like I do, or keep it to one player account. The wiki only needs a player account so you can keep your character pages updated. Feel free to add to the wiki!
  15. Be nice. No pooping in our sandbox.
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