• Any Age, likely older
  • Any Dragon
  • Must have held a position of power to gain the trust of the Weyrleaders of Pern

Head Healer

  • 40+
  • May or may not be Impressed, any color dragon if they are
  • Must be a Master healer

Assistant Weyrlingmaster

  • Any Age
  • In training to become a Weyrlingmaster
  • Any Dragon


  • 25+
  • Brought from another Hold or Weyr, likely Southern because that's where Ailoet is from (could have been the Assistant HW there?)
  • Gold Firelizard! (Any Age)

Head Beasthandler

  • Any Age
  • At least a journeyman
  • No Dragon
  • Can be joined with a Gold wher! (The only one at Barrier unless player chooses not to take her; she is out of Myshnask)

Head Cook

  • 20+
  • Must be a talented cook
  • Can be a potential candidate… But would only have a turn until they were too old
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