Site Wide Plots

Barrier Weyr Opens
Yay! Because it is a brand spanking new Weyr, all characters that are made will be arriving for the first time ! This means very few people will know each other unless they are transferring from the same place and this leaves plenty of opportunities for getting to know people, first Flights, getting lost and making new wings. Its an opportunity to do what you want !

Two gold Flights, Usith's and the Junior's, are due within the next two seasons. Not only will this choose the first Weyrleader it will bring eggs and candidates, offering more role playing opportunities. The Flights will also cause lustful encounters between strangers… always good for role playing and character torture!

Smaller Plots

Bronzes, Bronzes, everywhere!
With new bronzes and browns arriving eagerly at the Weyr every day, Usith grows proddier and proddier while Ailoet tries to get to know their riders before the Flight chooses her partner in leadership.
Involved : Ailoet and Usith, all bronzeriders and brownriders

Outlawed Clutch
A wild clutch was found at Northface Hold and brought to the Weyr as a welcome gift. There are nine eggs warming in the kitchens, guarded by the Headwoman and her assistant. The eggs are only available to those who do not have a firelizard yet! They will begin hatching when we begin to get available people.
Involved: Outlawed Clutch, Headwoman, Headwoman's Assistant, Available Characters

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