Our Pern

The Pern that Barrier Weyr resides in is an alternate universe where AIVAS was never discovered and thus, Thread was not erardicated. The Dawn Sisters still rise and fall while the Red Star protects Pern from massive meteorites. Dragonriders survived the ninth pass, without the actions of Lessa and F'lar, and the other Weyrs never abandoned Benden in the first place. Grubs are only a small scale phenomena, found only in isolated spot on the Southern Continent, which was discovered by Istan traders and not dragonriders. Women have found their way into rider ranks, found on anything but bronze, although female brownriders are still rare. Pern is different, but not unrecognizable.

Here are a few key points about our Pern:

  • Women ride more than just gold dragons and it is not out of the ordinary. Female brownriders are very rare however.
  • For dragons to produce a clutch, flightsex must occur.
  • Female candidate age is the same as male candidate age (9-21), particularly because they now ride fighting dragons. Many golds will only choose older dandidates however, simply because they are more mature. It is highly likely a candidate younger than 11 will be left standing until they are old enough for the hatchlings to accept them.
  • Bronze and Gold dragons both come from larger, gold tinted eggs. Uncannon? Yes. Unfair? No. You shouldn't join a candidate just because there is a queen on the Sands. Besides, it makes guessing WAY more fun :)
  • Gold dragons do not fly Threadfall. They coordinate the efforts back at the Weyr. Their riders help with firestone, healing and readying the relief riders while their dragons help with emergency situations where dragons can no longer fly properly or need to be held still for medical attention.
  • Sexuality means little to dragons. When they have you sleep with whoever catches them, what should it matter who you like to sleep with?
  • Color does NOT mean intelligence. I find it hard to believe greens are dumber than golds when they have to fight Thread. Therefore, in all three species, color has nothing to do with how smart the creature is. So a gold can be dumber than a green, depending solely on the individual. Whers have some to do with the intelligence of and interaction with the handler, but greens can still be just as intelligent as a gold.
  • The characters from the books existed but none did anything as noteworthy as eradicating Thread.
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