Npc Hold Guide

Major Holds of Pern
(While there are dozens of smaller holds, sea holds, and cot holds scattered across Pern they almost always look to one of these major holds for support and protection)

Fort Hold
(Colors: Brown and Yellow)
Major Craft Halls: Healer/Harper Hall
Fort hold is the first established hold on the northern continent making it the oldest hold on Pern. Having been built while the ancient’s stone cutters were still in use its design is luxuries when compared to many holds with plenty of chimneys, warmed baths, and smoothed walls that other holds lack. Both the hold and its people’s style is considered rather ornate, keeping with fashionable trends.

Ruatha Hold
(Colors: Red and brown)
Major Craft Halls: None
When the population at Fort got too big Ruatha was established. A notable Hold in its own right Ruathan blood has given the Weyrs many famous Weyrwoman. They are also famous for their runner breeding, having created both hearty stock and prestigious runners who bring their Lord Holder plenty of marks from the races.

Southern Boll Hold
(Colors: White and Red)
Major Craft Halls: Weaver crafthall/secondary Glass crafthall
With a lush tropical climate it’s no surprise Southern Boll has a large population. The people of Southern Boll enjoy a style of furniture mainly from twisted vines similar to wicker they also have an abundance of fish, fruit, herbs, and spices at their disposal. Due to the weaver hall being in Southern Boll the crops they grow are primarily flax and cotton instead of foodstuffs. Also it’s no surprise that the tropical population of Southern Boll is always on the cutting edge of trends.

Benden Hold
(Colors: Violet and Red)
Major Craft Halls: Vintner
Famous for its craft halls unmatched quality wine Benden’s have some of the most fertile fields on Pern good for growing any number of crops. They also grow a variety of nuts and klah trees. Ornate vests decorated with the prized and highly guarded patchwork patterns of the hold are a common sight on a fashionable resident of Benden.

Bitra Hold
(Colors: Dusty Red and White)
Major Craft Halls: None
Bitra has a reputation for gambling and with good reason-its people love it! Whether its games of chance with coin and dice or games of thought and strategy Bitra is a bit infamous for questionable gambling and they’ll happily lighten the pocket of any foolish enough to play a game against them. Their lord holder often employs “gamesters” to attend gathers and festivities giving their lord a portion of the profit won during their bets and games of not-so-chance.

Lemos Hold
(Colors: Medium blue and White)
Major Craft Hall: None/Woodcraft (if post Avias or 9th pass)
During Intervals the Lords of Lemos have been known to experiment in forestry, saving up for the Thread passes to come. The mountainous Lemos isn’t the best for crops but instead is rich in jade which is used both as decoration and in place of stone. (Think bowls and such) Holders of Lemos are often skilled with the long bow and make big sport of hunting wild boars and wherry.

High Reaches Hold
(Colors: Dark Blue and Tan)
Major Craft Hall: None but several minor crafthalls
High Reaches is known for being windy and often bleak its winters deadly to those without a home. In place of normal runners high reaches often use lamas and the animal’s fur is often used by the local weaver hall to line garments for warmth and style. Fortified liquors are popular in High Reaches though many outsiders find it a bit strong.

Nabol Hold
(Colors: Brown and White)
Major Craft Hall: None
The Nabolese have (what some say is an undue) reputation as being a greedy lot. A number of selfish, grasping Lord Holders over the Turns have certainly put a mark on the Holds name. The people of Nabol have a taste for pressed ciders and keep various orchards in addition to dabbling in forestry and mining.

Tillek Hold
(Colors: White and Dark Blue)
Major Craft Hall: Fisher crafthall
Tillek is known for its terraced farms, wine, shipbuilding, and of course its large sheltered harbors. The hardiness of the seaholds women is legendary and a point of pride for women run the hold more often than not when the men are at sea. While fishing and trading are big business in the hold there is also foresting and seasoning wood for ship building. Tillek and Benden have an ongoing rivalry over wine, with Benden being the most prized on Pern.

Keroon Hold
(Colors: Golden yellow, white, and peridot-green)
Major Craft Hall: Beast crafthall
With vast plains it’s no wonder Keroon is home to the beast craft hall and famous for its herd beasts and runners. Though if Keroon or Benden runners are supreme is a matter constantly challenged at Gathers. It is a predominantly grassy and nearly treeless terrain with its people depending on livestock and trade.

Ista Hold
(Colors: Orange and White)
Major Craft Hall: None
On the southern Ista Island Ista Hold is a tropical warm haven where many go to retire and convalescent to recover. The Holds population is large but spread out. Istas Turn Over gather is perhaps one of the biggest on Pern with chilly northerners eagerly spending a few days in the sun and warmth of the tropical island Hold.

Igen Hold
(Colors: Yellow and Black)
Major Craft Hall: Tanner crafthall
While most of Igen is a vast sandy wasteland the hold itself rests above the marshy flats that give way to the vast Igen desert. Igens are a hardy people who make a good if hard living growing river grains (rice), runners, and mining the opals and turquoise found in its caves. They are also a major center of trade. Due to their harsh climate brood brimmed high crowned hats, veils, and snoods are popular dress as are bright (some saw gaudy) colors.

Big Bay Hold
(Colors: Golden Yellow and Beet-Red)
Major Craft Hall: None though every craft has a minor hall here
Also known as Igen Sea Hold, Big Bay is a major center of trade on Pern with traders coming by land and sea to swap all manners of marks and good. The warm dry air is perfect for preserving good and the large bay is sheltered from rough storms. The local Holder is strict about seeing fair business down and men who do shady trade are not welcome.

Nerat Hold
(Colors: Yellow and Orange)
Major Craft Hall: Farm crafthall
Sporting fertile fields, thick forests, and generous coastlines Nerat supports thousands of people in both its major hold and through the hundreds of smaller holds that litters its valleys and coastline. The climate in Nerat is warm and its people are often sailors or farmers by trade finding equal bounty in ocean or fields. Nerat gathers are special in that the often host singing competitions and its people enjoy fruit liquors they often distill themselves.

Telgar Hold
(Colors: Red, White, and blue)
Major Craft Hall: Smith crafthall
The largest hold on Pern Telgar is also one of the wealthiest. It’s land rich in precious metals and gems. Telgar is known for its crafters fine engraving and etchings. As well as skill at making printed fabrics .If Benden has the best wine it’s said Telagr has the best beer brewed from a fine grain. Telgar has rough winters and is often snowed in for weeks at a time.

South Telgar Hold
(Colors: Bright Red and blue)
Major Craft Hall: Second largest healer hall
At the southern end of Telgar lands Southern Telgar was originally intended as a haven for those who couldn’t stand the harshest of isolated northern Telgars winters. It has sense grown into a small but prosperous hold in its own right with a large healer hall and warm hot springs many northern retire here.

Crom Hold
(Colors: Yellow and Blue)
Major Craft Hall: Miner crafthall
Crom holders have a reputation as being a rough sort and its holds are often isolated. There is little sufficient land to farm or raise livestock and so most people are dedicated to domestics or mining, depending on trade to last the harsh winters.

The Holdless
(Colors: None)
Major Craft Hall: They have no permanent residence so no halls
These are people who live in no hold and serve no craft. Because they lack the protection of a Hold and Lord Holder the life of Holdless is dangerous, especially in times of threadfall. Many Holdless are criminals or their family, those who have been banished and are unwelcome in holds for repeated criminal activity. Some are also disgraced former crafters unwelcome in Hall as well as Hold. A few Holdless however are so by choice and make an honest living as traders. Holdless tend to look down on Holders. Holdless are easily the smallest percent of Perns population and without a constant food source, shelter, and reliable craft services those numbers twindle even further during threadfall.

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