Lord Kasiel

Birthdate: M12D29 150, 10th Interval
Rank: Lord Holder of Azael Hold

The second Lord of Azael Hold, he moved here when his father founded the Hold when he was ten turns old. He grew up helping found the Hold and took it over upon his father's death in 175. He married his wife, Lady Amara in 170 and they had their first child in 180. He is not involved in the physical aspect of his Hold, but he does care for it and does plenty of behind the scenes work with his steward. His eldest sons, Amarian and Havaran do most of the work away from the main keep, and the people, while cool to Kasiel, are fond of the two brothers. He is currently looking to marry his daughters off, while doting on his youngest son, who the Hold generally adores despite his troublemaking anitcs.

He has a myriad of runners, although his favorite is a large mare named Bella. He has a gold firelizard, a gift from his wife on their wedding night, named Tyri.

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