A Master tanner at Tripoint Hold, he is an expert in dragon leathers as well as riding leathers. He is a dragonless man, formerly L'arg of Brown Hidemath. He has a fondness for Barrier Weyr and has offered to come help the next set of weyrlings with their leathers.

He is an older man, once a proud six foot three, but now with a slight stoop and a limp in his left leg from an accident with a herdbeast. His hair is no longer the bright red it used to be, now streaked with white. His blue eyes are still bright, however, and they can search out fine hides faster than many. He seems gruff but has a soft stop for weyrlings and their dragons.

He has fifteen turn old twin daughters that are apprenticed at Barrier Weyr as tanners. They also have the potential to Stand as candidates and are adoptable!

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