Lady Amara

Birthdate: M7D10 155
Rank: Lady Holder of Azael Hold

She was born to the Lord Holder of Ista in 155, growing up very much the spoiled daugther of a Lord Holder. She has an indulgent personality, but is mild mannered and truely wants the best for people, although perhaps a little more of the best for herself. She was a dark haired beauty in her youth, turning many heads, particularly the young heir in the new southern Hold. Married in 170 to Lord Kasiel of Azael at the age of fifteen, she has been a benign Lady for the Hold. While generally uninvolved with the affairs of the people, she does give gifts to the children of the Hold, ensuring they are fed and have a job to do. She dotes upon her children, embroidering them gifts and buying them presents. She has a small black terrier named Magnus, who she also adores although some of the drudges within the Hold have come to call him the Terrorist.

She does not particularly enjoy riding, but she will ride out with her husband to survey the lands ona small chestnut mare named Olga.

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