Barrier Weyr exists in a Per where AIVAS was never discovered. Lessa never caused the Weyrs to dissapear and while she was a respectable and good Weyrwoman, she was no more notable than Katrila of Fort. The Southern Continent was discovered by Istan traders blown off course during a storm and it proceeded to develop slowly after the founding of Southern Weyr. Thread fell and the Interval proceeded to follow it. And over the two hundred turns all of the known people and dragons died, new ones taking their place, and new ones taking theirs. Now, three generations after, the tenth Pass approaches. The Red Star has appeared and foretells of another fifty turns of threadscore and firestone.

All of the Weyrs are appearing to be well off, each with two to three golds and an acceptable number of dragons. However, Southern Weyr, the only Weyr in the South, had concerns. They were required to defend all of the southern continent, which had begun expanding during the second half of the Interval. So talks were begun and a new Weyr was built on the edge of the Eastern Barrier Range, to defend the bottom half, most notably three newer holds that had become quite profitable. Now Barrier stands ready to accept transfers although the next two turns are essential for their survival. They must build their Wings, stores and sense of community. They must prepare for the future, but an odd feeling hangs over the Weyr. A feeling that something more may be in store for them.

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