Age: 3 turns
Hatchdate: M3D26 195
Color: Green
*Length: 43 ft
Height: 10 ft
Rider: Estell
Location: Barrier Weyr
Dam: Usith
Sire: Avaleroth



Generally easygoing and independent, she feels no need to fit in with the other dragons. After Estell got sick she became very protective of her rider, showing herself to have a fierce temper when provoked.


Hatched at Southern Weyr in 195, she Impressed Estell, illegimate daughter of Lord Braxon of Tripoint. Weyrling training was fine until her rider got deathly ill in their second turn, and she didn't flame, forgotten in the aftermath of healing her rider. People don't know this, however, and assume she has. Her maiden Flight has also been postponed, for reasons unknown to both Estell and the dragonhealers, and they have decided on a hurry up and wait outlook as Hazalth refuses to be poked and prodded any longer.

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