Nicknames: Hal, Rothie
Age: 20 turns
Hatchdate: D24M9 178
Color: Brown
Color Code: #EDC9AF
Length: 47 ft
Height: 9 ft
Rider: Sygna
Location: Barrier Weyr
Home Weyr: Igen
Dam: Cristath
Sire: Ogrith


A light khaki color with chocolate brown markings. He is an average sized dragon.


Generally laid back, he smooths out his riders harsher traits, although he is somewhat sardonic, something he no doubt picked up from her. Low key and virtually without a temper, he cares greatly for young dragons and their riders. Thus, while Sygna may be drilling them until they cry, Haleroth is gentle and encouraging, often seemingly helping them behind his riders back, even though they both know he does it. Sygna just chooses to ignore it. Haleroth loves children, and has refused to let his rider ignore her own, making her go check in on them every sevenday. He is a dragon that does not mind bespeaking other humans, firelizards, or even whers for that matter, and is generally a jovial fellow.


Clutched at Igen Weyr out of Cristath and Bronze Ogrith.

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