Guidelines For Character Creation

Thinking of creating a character? Brilliant! Here are some quick and simple guidelines to follow:

  • All characters, unless they were part of the build crew, are new to Barrier Weyr. Thus, none could have been born here. The frst baby born at Barrier will be cause for celebration.
  • Every character, unless they were part of the build crew, must have a post where they are arriving at Barrier. Because it is just opening to riders and weyr staff, it will be the first time almost all of our characters will have laid eyes on that. The upper ranks, like Ailoet, the Weyrleader and the Weyrsecond, will have visited it during construction. Some riders, if they were transporting crafters or staff, may have visited once or twice before transfering.
  • There are no insta candidates. You may have intentions for them to be candidates, but until there is a clutch on the sands, the search dragons will not go out. So out of character they can be candidates, but in character they must have both a reason for being at the Weyr as well as a job they can perform.
  • Dragons must have a dam and a sire and all characters must have a mother and a father, even if they don't know who they are.
  • Joining with a firelizard is allowed, however a character can only be joined with one if they are a dragonrider or candidate or two if they are a staff member or crafter who is not a dragonrider or eligible to become a candidate (over the age of 21).
  • Whers are needed around the Weyr, but they must have a job.
  • Wingleaders will be chosen by the Weyrleader and Weyrwoman, Wingseconds by the Wingleaders.
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