Length: 55 - 60 ft
Height: 10 - 12 ft
The queen of the Weyrs, they are any shade of gold. Typically a commanding personality, they can be haughty. But some of the best of them are mild mannered and rarely have a temper until their Weyr is threatened. So they, like the other dragons have wide and varying personalities. They clutch between 10 and 35 eggs at a time, with more being during a pass. They can be flown by bronzes and browns and usually Rise once a turn during Passes and anywhere between once every five turns to once every second turn. Gold dragons never fly Threadfall, as their riders are responsible for coordinating the efforts back at the Weyr. Gold dragons come from eggs that are slightly larger and with a slight golden sheen. The size and often truer gold color is what differentiates them from eggs containing a bronze.

Length: 50 - 55 ft
Height: 9 - 11 ft
Generally the mates of golds and leaders of the Weyrs, they are the largest male dragons on Pern. They have wide ranging personalities, but they generally have some inkling of leadership withint them, due to their position within the Weyr heiarchy. They can Fly golds and greens. They are capable of lasting a Full fall. They, like the golds, are hatched from slighty larger eggs with a slightly golden sheen and it takes a keen eye and a little luck to distinguish between a true queen egg and bronze eggs.

Length: 45 - 50 ft
Height: 8 - 10 ft
The second largest male in the Weyr, they are usually the calmest dragons. However, that being said, they also have a wide range of personalities and are by no means stuck as just steadfast dragons. They can Fly golds and greens. They are capable of flying a full Fall when in full health.

Length: 40 - 45 ft
Height: 7 - 9 ft
The smallest male dragon, they come in any shade of blue. They are capable of only flying greens, as they are too small to support the weight of a healthy queen. They are generally able to only last half to three quarters of a Fall.

Length: 35 - 40 ft
Height: 7 - 9 ft
The smallest dragon within the Weyrs, they are all females. They Rise three times a turn and many would think them promiscuous, although in truth, unless it's in their personality, most greens are only very flirty a few candlemarks before Rising. They can be flown by all of the males, although they are most likely to be caught by blues and browns. They are generally only able to last half to a third of a Fall.

Length: Varies, but generally between 19 - 25 ft
Height: 5 - 7 ft
Neuter dragons that identify as either male or female, they have no desire to Rise or Chase what-so-ever. They are particularly good at knowing 'when' and 'where' they are, and they are adept at betweening. They are generally rare and unable to last an entire Fall.


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