Name: Corlanth
Age: 2 turns
Birthdate: 20th of the 13th month, Turn 196
Color: Gold
Length: 57 ft
Rider: Arella
Location: Barrier Weyr
Home Weyr: Igen
Dam: Gold Tuvirth
Sire: Bronze Ongelth


Corlanth is an elegant dragon, as much as a dragon can be elegant. She has nice proportions and an overall rather streamlined shape. This does, however, mean that she's not quite muscular and as tough as a more heavily constructed dragon. She is a little short in the neck but long in the tail and wings, and though Corlanth's wings are great for long soaring she resents how her size and wingspan prevent her from doing the fun, tricky bits of flying as easily as she'd like.
Overall she is a rather light gold, but this is covered some by a darker brindling pattern from nose to tail. It doesn't spread out onto her wing membranes, but these are marked with a bold slash at the trailing edge of the sail between each "finger". These marks make her easily identifiable from a distance, especially in the air with wings spread.


Corlanth is perfectly content to let Arella be the one who is heard, so long as Corlanth is seen. There is no doubt in Corlanth's mind that she is beautiful, and she is honestly something of a showoff. She knows just exactly how to lounge to present herself to her best advantage, and likes to think that everything she does is wonderfully poised and graceful. She is not just a big shiny golden ornament, though. Like her rider, Corlanth has a need to be active and has an unfortunate habit of fidgeting when forced to remain still for too long. She loves to fly. Honestly, she loves to be moving, even pacing in circles is enough for her.

While Corlanth is happy to be seen and not heard, that is not to say she doesn't talk. Corlanth usually chatters to Arella a lot and has a quick retort for all situations, but she is not exactly spiteful. In fact, she is reasonably even-tempered and usually helps act as a soothing influence if Arella is up in arms. Corlanth is capable of being frustrated or angry without totally losing her head, which is a trait that her rider could stand to pick up on. Still, she admires Arella for her willingness to get straight to the point and not back down. She likes to tell Arella exactly what she thinks and see how her rider conveys the information. It's sometimes a sort of game for Corlanth to word things as rudely as she can and see if Arella can turn it around. Biting a tongue that's not hers gives Arella a little practice for her own, Corlanth gets to have a bunch of fun with her growing collection of bad words and insults… Corlanth can't see how this could possibly ever work out badly.

Corlanth has an appreciation for pretty things, though she is so large that fashion can't really mean a whole lot for her. (She does, however, try to be of some help if Arella is trying to pick out a dress or somesuch. Her thoughts are often unusual and occasionally funny.) This does, however, impact her tastes in male dragons. She especially likes good, even fancy fliers. However, Corlanth has never Risen and as such her precise thoughts on the process are sketchy and "Oh, I don't know" at best.

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