Candidate Guide

Candidate Requirements

Candidates must be in good health, with no physical conditions that would make them unsuitable for flying Thread or taking care of a dragon. They must be between the ages of 9 and 21, although exceptions can be made on the upper limit and never the lower limit. These exceptions are granted by the Weyrleader or Senior Weyrwoman. Or the hatchling, of course. Candidates are expected to be of use to the Weyr while they await the clutch, in trade for room, board and full bellies. They must have been Searched by a Search dragon, for either Barrier or any other Weyr. They may have transfered with some of the Weyrfolk and Riders, or they may have been Searched after arriving, from Hold or Weyr.

Candidate Chores

  • Cleaning Latrines
  • Running Errands
  • Helping in the Kitchens
  • Helping the Headwoman or her Assistant
  • Helping the Herders
  • Cleaning weyrs
  • Counting Supplies
  • Helping in the Creche
  • Helping the Healers

Candidates pursuing a craft are allowed to use their time to practise it, as their skills and hands can be of use to the Weyr.

Candidate Barracks

Is Candidate is granted a cot, blanket, two sets of sheets, a pillow, 2 simple orange work tunics, 2 simple black work pants, 1 formal set of orange and black garments and a trunk to put it all in. If they do not have boots or sandals they can be requested as well. The Weyr expects all to be equal when they are trying to Impress and thus provides them with the attire to appear so. Outside clothes and trinkets are allowed, although it is recommended to use the work clothes, as candidate chores can be quite dirty.

The door to the tunnel leading to the Hatching Sands remains locked until the dam calls the Weyr to her eggs and the dragons begin humming, and then the Headwoman unlocks it, ensuring that the Candidates are all looking their best in their white robes and bare feet.

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