Barrier Weyr


Colors: Orange, Gray and Black
Founded: Summer, Turn 198, 10th Interval


Located in the farthest reaches of the Southern continent, Barrier lies within the Eastern Barrier Range, not far from the coast of the Ashra Ocean. Their docks are located at a small cothold, called Northface, which looks directly to the Weyr. They are located in a calderra, like many of the Northern Weyrs, from an ancient volcano that collapsed into the ocean.



With the spread south, following a main riverway into the Ashra Ocean, two holds formed deep into the south. Azael Hold was first, founded by Lord Halpro in 160, father to the current Lord Kasiel. Tripoint Hold followed suit 20 turns later with an ambitious, young Lord Braxon staking his claim in the Western Barrier Range. Firestone Minehold, driven by the need for more of the mineral for the upcoming Pass, was founded two turns after by Goldhandler Myshna and Masterminer Havier. Southern Weyr, already burdened with all of the South, was worried about protecting these two sprawling Holds and appealed to the Council to found a new Weyr. It was decided in 189 to build Barrier Weyr in a calderra on the edge of the Eastern Barrier Range, and a construction crew amassed from the holds began construction. It was a long process, despite using the natural cave systems and hotsprings, and finally at the end of 197 it was completed. The Weyrwomen of Pern decided on the founding Weyrwoman of Barrier, choosing a Junior from Southern, Ailoet of gold Usith. The Weyrleaders decided that Usith's first Flight at the new Weyr would decide the first Weyrleader. In summer of 198, shortly before Usith was due to Fly, the dragonriders and the Weyr staff began to move in. While some of the builders decided to stay, many decided to return to the familiarity of their Holds.


Senior Weyrwoman: PC Ailoet of Gold Usith
Weyrleader: To be decided by Usith's Flight
Junior Weyrwomen: Arella of Gold Corlanth
Weyrsecond: Apply!

Weyrlingmaster: Sygna of Brown Haleroth
Assistant Weyrlingmaster: Apply!

Candidatemaster: Apply!
Weyrsinger: Apply!

High Wing -
Mid Wing -
Low Wing -

High Wing -
Mid Wing -
Low Wing -

Headwoman: Apply!
Headwoman's Assistant: Apply!

Head Cook: Apply!
Head Beasthandler: Apply!
Head Healer: Apply! (Must be a master healer, dragon optional)


Gold Usith





None Yet

Outlawed Clutch - Month 1, Turn 198


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