Azael Hold

Colors: Purple and Pale Yellow
Tithes to: Barrier Weyr

Lord Holder: Lord Kasiel
Lady Holder: Lady Amara
Amarian (18)
Havaran (17)
Bavoria (15)
Trisielle (14)
Remington (12)

Support Staff:


Built on the northern shore of the Ashra Ocean, it is a farming hold that supplies large quantities of grain to the southern most holds and Barrier Weyr. There is also the largest set of docks in the southern most area at Azael, complete with a large fishing fleet. It is much like Tillek, with a large natural cavern used to protect the fleet during Threadfall and storms. The Hold itself is built on top of the cliffs and made of stone. It is a low lying building with a scattering of outbuildings surrounding it.

Fields spread out north from the main hold, with the Azael River supplying water to both crops and humans alike. The river runs from the North, sweeping barely one dragon length from the main hold, and then over the cliffs and into the ocean.

The cotholds that report to Azael are more farm based than those at Tripoint. Some do focus on fishing however, as it is a main food source for the Hold. Their herds are substaintial, but no where near the standards of those at Tripoint.

Founded in 160 by Lord Hapros, Lord Kasiel's father, it was the first Hold o be built so far south. He claimed a large section of the land north of the Ashra Ocean.

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