Nicknames: Ettie
Age: 25 turns
Birthdate: M4D14 173
Sex: Female
Impressed: Gold Usith
Rank: Senior Weyrwoman
Location: Barrier Weyr
Play-By: Astrid Berges-Frisbey



- Dark brown hair, relatively thin but long and wavy
- Most often seen up in a loose bun or ponytail

- Hazel eyes

- Usually dressed in relaxed outfits, either loose pants or skirts and a breezy tunic
- Prefers shawls to jackets in the winter
- Likes to wear a floppy cap in the winter
- Likes pinks and purples
- Never formally dressed unless she has to, and then she feels uncomfortable dressing herself and will call on a friend or the Headwoman to help her pick something and do her hair

- Small and slim, she doesn't have bulk on her side
- Mostly muscle from dragonriding
- Little for breasts or hips, making child birth difficult and painful
- Small feet and slender hands, perfect for small crevices
- Delicate skin prone to cracking in extreme weather
- Some acne scars from her youth
- 5'7" tall
- 130-135 lbs depending on the day



Ailoet has a decent head on her shoulders. She understands the meaning of hard work and has no qualms about performing back breaking labor or tedious tasks others shy away from. It is part of what made her a good Junior, and what may help her succeed as a Weyrwoman. She is patient when teaching or explaining, but likes to ensure a job is well done, which makes it difficult for her to assign tasks to others. More often than not she chooses to do something herself rather than risk another person doing a half assed job. She does not have a temper that will allow her to confront someone about it, and she became very good at cleaning up other people's messes during her turns as a Junior. If it becomes typical for someone to leave a job half done she will give up asking them to do anything for her, and pass it off to someone else or do it herself. When people reach this point she becomes very curt with them, and will rarely engage in more than polite conversation with them. If you feel Ailoet is shunning you, it likely means she feels wronged or you have been slacking in what she feels are your duties. It is rare she will come out and tell someone to their face and it takes a fair bit of prodding for her to lose her temper. But when she finally does it sets off every complaint, worry and annoyance that she can remember and it often overwhelms listeners. Much of the onslaught has little to do with the actual person she is ranting at, as she is unleashing sevendays worth of pent up frustrations.

Her relatively mild temper is mainly sparked when it comes to her moral beliefs. She has a strong set of values and if people should cross or mock them she quickly becomes defensive and can get her knickers in a knot if the subject is pushed. Aiolet does hold Weyr values and honors loyalty to the Weyr and its dragons more than almost anything. Family is a broad term that she uses to describe her entire Weyr, something she picked up as a child growing up at Southern. To harm or threaten this family is to equivalent to killing her children. And like any mother, she will fight tooth and nail to protect them. Thus, while her temper is mild, she does have some triggers that can set her off. Luckily, it mostly involves yelling until she is burned out, with the occassional throwing up of her hands, as she is not a violent woman.

She is a proud woman, and Ailoet likes this pride in her life and her Weyr to shine through in her actions and her words. She feels no shame in being a dragonrider and she frowns upon those who do. It is a life style that is meant to serve and protect, and she often glorifies her position within the Weyr, if only for her personal fantasies. A girl can dream can't she? Luckily Usith is there to burst her bubble, bringing her back down to Pern to get on with the neverending duties of a goldrider.

When it comes to relationships, Ailoet is biased. Growing up in the Weyr she thinks they cause jealousy and rifts between riders. While not being one to have any sex but flightsex and the occassional romp, she does not frown upon those who do. In fact she is very much a Weyrwoman to promote female riders losing their virginity before their dragon's maiden Flight, seeing as it makes the whole process easier. Hold girls are given a stern talking to about how it benefits the Weyr and how it is not shameful to bed a man or woman and that there should be no hard feelings if a partner moves on after flightsex. Her own relationships are rarely more than courteous mornings after and Ailoet has yet to find a man to keep her on her toes and capture her attention.


Mother: F'dra of Green Respith of Southern Weyr
Father: D'tion of Brown Normth of Igen Weyr
Sister: Draesta of Ista Hold
Son: ??? of Southern Weyr



Turn 173: Born at Southern Weyr to F'dra from her green's Flight. Ailoet grew up in the creche, raised among the rest of the weyrbrats. She rarely saw her mother and came to think of the Weyr as her family. She made close friends with two of her turnmates, Tippin and Magdellane. They were three peas in a pod and caused much havoc around Southern Weyr as they grew.

Turn 180: Ailoet began helping in the kitchens with Magdellane while Tippin started to work with the Weyr's herders.

Turn 181: Ailoet left the kitchens to become a weaver at age eight, beginning work in the lower caverns under the tutelage of Journeyman Weaver Elsa.

Turn 182: She was called upon to Stand at one of Southern's clutches by Epsith at age nine, her first experience as a candidate. She was left standing however, and returned to working her craft. She stood at every following clutch, continuing with her apprenticeship as she was left standing.

Turn 187: She stood for another of Epsith's clutches, containing a queen egg, at age fourteen. When the gold hatchling broke shell she toddled straight for Ailoet. Ailoet became the rider of Usith.

Turn 188: Weyrling training was successful, albeit Ailoet felt increased pressure due to her position as goldrider, taking it upon herself to ensure the rest of her classmates succeeded.

Turn 189: Became a Junior at Southern upon graduating, solidifying her position as Junior when Usith had her Maiden Flight shortly after graduation, clutching 21 eggs. A son was born nine months after, raised in the Weyr's creche. Unlike her own mother, however, Ailoet did spend more time with the boy, always giving him presents at Turnover and visiting at least once a month.

Turn 195: Usith clutches her first gold daughter, Gold Cessimoth, by bronze Avaleroth. She Impresses to Geneva, a young Harper with a mild manner and soft voice.

Turn 197: The call comes for a Junior to transfer to the new southern Weyr, and Ailoet puts her name in. She has the support of both her Senior, Jazzil, and the senior most Weyrwoman on Pern, Katrila of Fort. Tamlin, another junior at Southern, also put her name in but is not chosen, causing a rift between the usually polite relationship they kept.

Turn 198: Became Weyrwoman at Barrier Weyr, transfering to the Weyr in Month 1, just before Usith was due to fly again.


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